Sound Swift officially launched on July 4, 2012. Sound Swift empowers its members with the ability to sell and promote their music, movies and events on their own terms.  Through Sound Swift’s e-ticketing capabilities, visitors and fans are able to purchase tickets directly through Sound Swift at our e-ticketing page.

Sound Swift is a digital aggregator of independent music and film production recordings, as well as, an online event e-ticketing service provider that allows members to sell and promote their events of any size anywhere around the world. Sound Swift is also an entertainment industry networking site with powerful communications technology.  Sound Swift has an Audio/Video Chat feature in addition to incredible Screen-sharing and File-sharing capabilities. Sound Swift’s White & Write board technology allows businesses to work on documents in one location.  Members’ can use our powerful invitation tool to create and send online invitations and direct them to both Sound Swift‘s members and non-members through Sound Swift’s email feature.  Members can keep track of who will, may or who will not attend an event and can also send event reminders by the hour up until the event. Members can also keep records of whom they sent invites to, including non-members.

Sound Swift’s powerful media sales and promotion platform:

Music Store:
Recording artists, record labels, music producers, mix tape DJ’s and others can sell their music, tracks or beats in.mp3, .zip, .rar, .wma, .iso, .aac, .mp4, .rm or .wav files online.
Movie Store:
Independent filmmakers can sale their movies in .mp4, .zip, .rar, .wmv, .iso, .rmv, .avi, .mpeg, .3gp or .flv formatted files online.
Book Store:
Book Authore can sell thier eBooks and Audio Books in djvu,epub,fb2,html,azw,lit,,.exe,pkg,pdb,txt,pdf,ps,tr2,tr3,oxps or xps) formatted files online.

Event Ticket Sales:
Sound Swift’s online ticket reservation software event organizers can setup ticket sales and promote their events online. The platform has a simple online booking process and payment. Members can Add and manage an unlimited number of events, maps, layouts of the hall, cinema or screening locations through an easy to use administration page.

  • Event creator Profile search

  • Associate Matching

  • Facebook likes for Movie, Music, Photo and Event Tickets

  • Internal Mailbox

  • Who viewed my profile

  • Photo upload with Photo albums to profile

  • Music upload to profile

  • Video sharing

  • 3 styles of Chatrooms: Chat Sidebar, Instant messenger pop-out, Standard group chat

  • Customizable profile builder

  • RSS feeds to profileSocial Network Site Invites

  • Create Groups.

  • Profile guestbook

  • Photo and Video, Tags

  • Photo/video/music rating

  • Bookmarks profiles

  • Business Associates displayed on a member's Profile View Page

  • Invite a friends feature via email or social media

  • Email Contact import.

  • Send profile to a friend

  • Referrals system

  • Polls for better services

  • Classified billboard

  • Member reporting